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Councillors Must Resist Parking Charge Increase

Oct 31, 2017

Increasing parking costs in Dublin would risk driving businesses out of the city centre, according to business group Dublin Chamber.

The Chamber said any increase in parking charges would significantly erode the attractiveness of the Dublin city centre as a place to visit and to do business.

The Chamber was reacting to reports that Dublin City Council is considering increasing parking charges by up to 40% in order to meet rising costs.

Any increase would also represent a further blow to retailers in the city who already face stiff competition from out-of-town shopping centres, many of which are able to offer free parking, the Chamber said.

According to Dublin Chamber’s Head of Public Affairs, Graeme McQueen: “The availability of on-street parking is relied upon by businesses on a daily basis. While public transport is a good option for shoppers and tourists, many business people rely on their cars to get around the city centre to attend meetings and visit clients. Any increase in parking charges would make the city centre a less attractive place to base headquarters or set up office. Any price hike could lead to more businesses opting to locate outside the M50.”

Dublin Chamber said that Dublin City Council could raise funds in other ways if it wished. “Councillors recently voted to maintain a 15% reduction in the Local Property Tax rate in Dublin City – the equivalent to €12 million. It is unfair that businesses – who have seen no decrease in commercial rates – are continually viewed as a vehicle through which budget gaps can be plugged.”

Dublin Chamber noted Dublin City Council’s comments regarding the increasing costs of collecting coins from parking meters.

Mr McQueen said: “The Council must explore ways of using smarter technologies to allow people to pay for their parking. Parking apps have proved phenomenally popular in recent years. We should also be looking at whether the Leap Card can be used to pay for parking.”

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